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East Coast Counting

East Coast Counting

Flanker Press


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1 Lighthouse . . .

2 Horses . . .

3 Jellyfish . . .

From the Peggy’s Cove lighthouse to the dolphins of Twillingate Island, warm and welcoming images serve as a beautiful backdrop in this early educational counting book. Dawn Baker, an artist from Gander, Newfoundland and Labrador, was inspired by the common bonds shared by the provinces in the Atlantic Bubble—New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island!

Inspired by the common bonds shared by the provinces in the Atlantic Bubble, Baker's early counting book, which focuses on numbers 0 to 12, portrays natural attractions, iconic symbols, and wildlife common to the area. From the Peggy's Cove lighthouse to the kayaks in the Bay of Fundy, from the Newfoundland Dog puppies to the warm sands of Cavendish Beach, young children will delight in counting the beautifully rendered images that Baker has created. Though the book has a mostly maritime flavour, the author has also captured other landforms, flowers and native species that can be found in the inland areas of the various regions. The final page of "Twelve beautiful faces" smiling and saying "Hello" portrays multicultural characters that reminds us of the diversity that exists within the region. Young readers and their adult caregivers will appreciate seeing themselves represented in such an inclusive manner. East Coast Counting is Dawn Baker's twelfth book published by Flanker Press. Exquisitely presented and full of detailed endnotes and tidbits of information, young readers and their families will be counting down to the day when they can visit the east coast in person.-- Stephanie Collins - Fireside Collections --
In additional to the rhythmic words across the pages, Baker uses beautiful and vibrant illustrations too. Children will be drawn to these colourful images as they count their way through the book. I mean, who is not going to love counting eight Newfoundland puppies or nine chickadees perched in branches? This book is a very sweet way for adults (or even older siblings) to spend time with little ones, encouraging them to learn.-- Edwards Book Club Reviews --
“East Coast Counting” by acclaimed Newfoundland children’s author and illustrator Dawn Baker is kid approved in our house and has already made its way to the favorites shelf! This charming book offers the reader gorgeous, eye-catching and soul-soothing artwork that perfectly illustrates the beauty and uniqueness of our four Atlantic provinces. The verses that accompany these pictures are delightful and appealing for children and adults alike. Educational but fun (because we LOVED counting all the Newfoundland dog puppies out loud) this book is sure to please. When everyone stops what they’re doing and listens - really listens - then I know that this book has captured, and held, their attention and that it really must be something special. There are also some really great little snippets at the back of the book on the different locations, animals, birds and some neat bits of trivia. One of my favorite parts is near the end, in this section. It says “Atlantic Canada is well-known for the warmth and kindness of its residents. In a region of unlimited beauty, its people remain its best feature!” This really tugged at my heartstrings and makes me so proud to be from a place that can be included in such a wonderful sentiment. My children were very happy to add “East Coast Counting” to their Dawn Baker collection and I can say with absolute certainty, that it will not be the last!-- Nicole Little - Nicole's Reviews --
East Coast Counting by Dawn Baker is a fun and educational counting book for young readers. Using iconic Atlantic Canadian landmarks, animals, and other objects, children learn about the places and things in this part of Canada, while also practicing their counting skills. The illustrations are bright and cheery, which is a great representation of the overall welcoming feel of Atlantic Canada. There is also an opportunity to practice counting the images on each page, which is perfect for the youngest of learners. Included at the back is a description for each of the places or things mentioned throughout the book, which provides a bit of education and explanation for readers who are unfamiliar with the area. Whether you live within Atlantic Canada or beyond, this is a wonderful book to practice counting, while capturing some of the highlights of the area.-- Melanie Metivier - Miramichi Reader --
Beginning with an invitation to “count some of the reasons why this part of the world is so special,” Dawn Baker’s newest picture book is a fun-filled counting book and a thoughtful tribute to the provinces of Atlantic Canada. Lighthouses and fishing buoys, puppies and chickadees, wiggling toes and smiling faces are among the objects that fill these pages, providing the youngest of readers the chance to hone their counting skills while also encountering a variety of places, plants and animals that are to be found in this unique region. As a counting book, East Coast Counting will be a welcome addition to the genre. On each page, the items being counted are readily identifiable and easy to count. The numbers are printed clearly on the page, both numerically and in written form, which is another helpful learning tool. The book is even more noteworthy as a celebration of the four Atlantic Provinces. Baker has included a delightful mix of well-known symbols of the region, along with images of flora and fauna that are less widely recognized. All four provinces are well represented herein and the lovely, softly luminous illustrations truly capture their rugged beauty. The “In case you were wondering…” section at the back provides explanations for each illustration as well as further information, and was a wise addition to the book. A visually captivating book that is perfect for Atlantic Canadian readers or as an introduction to the region.-- Lisa Doucet, Atlantic Books --
Dawn Baker spreads her location wings a bit this year in a fun counting book that covers all the Atlantic bubble provinces. As always, Baker's illustrations are bright and colourful, evocative of places familiar to her intended readers and the people who give books to them.-- Northeast Avalon Times --
East Coast Counting is a learn-to-count book, one having a regional focus in that the things to be counted are linked to one or more of the Atlantic Provinces. After using the opening spread to identify the four provinces making up this region of Eastern Canada, the book then moves on to individually introduce the numbers from 1(One) to 12 (Twelve). Eight of the 12 numbers are treated via double-page spreads while the remaining four share facing pages. As can be seen in the excerpt above, Baker uses a two-part text with one part describing or explaining what it is that she has visually used to represent the focal counting number. The second part features the number in both its numerical and alphabetical forms. A strong feature of the book is that Baker repeats the number sequence each time an additional number is introduced, thereby reinforcing children’s understanding of number order. Though many of the book’s readers may not live in this part of Canada, they will still find numerous opportunities for recognition. The book’s “Two horses” may live on Sable Island, but horses, bears (Four), kayaks (Five), flowers, (Seven), puppies (Eight), chickadees (Nine), toes (Ten) and faces (Twelve) can all be found in the rest of Canada. However, Baker establishes the regional focus through the place settings for the to-be-counted objects. Consequently, the “Five kayaks” aren’t just any five kayaks; they are the quintet being paddled during low tide though the strange rocky island formations in the Bay of Fundy. And the “Ten toes are wiggling in the warm, soft sand of [Prince Edward Island’s] Cavendish Beach.” The familiar is also contrasted with what likely may be new to some young readers who may not have yet encountered jellyfish (Three), buoys (Six) or dolphins (Eleven). The closing “Twelve beautiful faces” are most reflective of the nation’s cultural and religious composition. Baker’s watercolour illustrations are superb. Readers can almost hear the waves washing against the rocks at Peggy’s Cove with its “One lighthouse” or feel the wind that is blowing the manes and tails of the “Two horses” on Sable Island beach. The velvety softness of the eight Newfoundland puppies is almost tangible. In her illustrations, Baker has not overlooked one of the most important criteria for a counting book - the objects to be counted must be clearly differentiated from one another. East Coast Counting doesn’t just end with 12 (Twelve) as Baker has added a four-page illustrated section headed “In case you were wondering...” In the first three of these pages, she returns to each of the numbers and provides additional information. For instance, related to the excerpt’s “Nine chickadees”, Baker adds: 9 Black-capped Chickadees are the provincial bird of New Brunswick. They are common throughout all four Atlantic provinces and may be found in abundance in Daly Point Nature Reserve just northeast of Bathurst Harbour, New Brunswick. The other east coast provincial birds are Atlantic Puffin (Newfoundland and Labrador), Osprey (Nova Scotia) and Blue Jay (Prince Edward Island). Baker also includes illustrations of the other three provincial birds. The pages’ remaining illustrations consist of the provincial flowers of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Newfoundland and Labrador as it turns out that the seven flowers, Pink Lady’s Slippers, are the provincial flower of Prince Edward Island. Along with illustrations of the four provincial flags, the closing page features a map of the four provinces and situates five of the named locations being. East Coast Counting is a book for all of Canada. It’s an excellent learn-to-count book that blends the familiar with the new. Highly Recommended-- Dave Jenkinson - CM Association --

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