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Amy's Journey

Amy's Journey

Flanker Press


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Amy’s Journey is the story of a young girl, who at the age of twelve, is diagnosed with tuberculosis and becomes a patient in a Sanatorium. While on the road to recovery, she copes with a sudden death in her family which ultimately leads to an acute awareness of her “illegitimate” birth. Amy faces the challenges of her struggle for physical and emotional health with perseverance and determination. Amy’s Journey is the true-life story of the author, Lillian Bursey, told through the eyes of the character, Amy. Recipient - 2010 Newfoundland Writers' Guild Certificate of Achievement
Lillian Bursey's first book is as charming as it is frank.-- Downhome --
Bursey’s unique narrative style – reserved and emotionally charged, at once autobiographical and fictional – engages readers in young Amy’s journey towards recovery and self-knowledge.-- Newfoundland and Labrador Studies --
Amy’s Journey is an unsentimental account of a young girl’s struggle with tuberculosis and with being labelled illegitimate. It is a story of casual cruelty, unexpressed love, and unexpected kindness—a rare and honest look at childhood in Newfoundland in the 1950s. Amy has a generosity of spirit few of us would be capable of, and I was left wishing I could follow her into the next chapter of her life.-- Bernice Morgan, author of Random Passage --
Set in the middle of the twentieth century, Lily Bursey’s Amy’s Journey is a moving account of four years in the life of a young Corner Brook girl. Amy, born out of wedlock and raised by her strong and loving grandmother, deals with tuberculosis and other major problems with a maturity far beyond her years. Gentle humour invigorates this narrative. Amy will surely find a place in the hearts of many readers.-- Helen Fogwill Porter, author of Finishing School --

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